Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Jobs- Peace and Development Outcomes Evaluation Consultant- Sierra Leone

UNDP is advertising for a consultant for a Sierre Leone-based project: Peace and Development Outcomes Evaluation Consultant.

This seems a particularly interesting position, particularly given that there is no globally recognized set of evaluation criteria for peacebuilding activities.

From the description:

Outcome to be evaluated
The outcomes to be evaluated are defined by the Country Programme Document of UNDP Sierra Leone, which is stated as follows:

1. Increased livelihood opportunities for war affected populations especially women and youth
2. Improved capacity for conflict resolution and addressing human rights issues at community level

Objectives and scope of the outcome evaluation
This evaluation is being undertaken to determine the collective outcome of four years of peace and development work in Sierra Leone, from 2004-2007. The evaluation report will present findings and conclusion, lessons learned and recommendations for the future.

The main objectives of the outcome evaluation:
Assess progress towards the outcome
Assess the factors affecting the outcome
Assess key UNDP contributions to outcomes
Assess the partnership strategy
Each of the key issues shall be evaluated using the main evaluation criteria as appropriate: effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, impact, and sustainability. Specifically, the following issues should be addressed:

Outcome analysis
What is the current situation and possible trend in the near future with regard to the outcome?
In the past, has sufficient progress been achieved vis-à-vis the outcome as measured by the outcome indicator?
What are the main factors (positive and negative) that affect the achievement of the outcome?
Are the outcome indicators chosen sufficient to measure the outcomes?
To what extent are synergies in programming such as partnerships among various UNDP programmes related to outcomes?

Output-outcome link
Whether UNDP’s outputs or other interventions can be credibly linked to the achievement of the outcome (including the key outputs, projects, and soft assistance)
What are the key contributions that UNDP has made/is making to the outcome?
What has been the role of UNDP soft-assistance activities in helping achieve the outcome?
With the current planned interventions in partnership with other actors and stakeholders, will UNDP be able to achieve the outcome within the set timeframe and inputs – or whether additional resources are required and new or changed interventions are needed?
Whether UNDP’s partnership strategy has been appropriate and effective.
Assess UNDP’s ability to develop national capacity in a sustainable manner (through exposure to best practices in other countries, holistic and participatory approach). Has UNDP been able to respond to changing circumstances and requirements in capacity development?
What is the prospect of the sustainability of UNDP interventions related to the outcome?

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