Sunday, 24 June 2007

Resource- Peacebuilding: A Caritas Training Manual

This Peacebuilding Manual of Caritas is an excellent resource. It was published with the intent to train Caritas workers and partners to incorporate conflict prevention, peacemaking and reconciliation into their relief, development and social work worldwide.

From the preface:
'Peacebuilding: A Caritas Training Manual builds on the Caritas Handbook Working for
Reconciliation,and extends the material into peacebuilding training and programming. It is a resource that contains both conceptual and practical tools to help fill the peacebuilder’s toolbox. In the manual, peacebuilding in development work is introduced with core concepts, peacebuilding skills, and ideas to connect peacebuilding to programming. The manual aims to provideCaritas Internationalis workers, and other NGO (non- governmental organisation) workers, with flexible training suggestions and materials to support and enhance their efforts in peacebuilding and reconciliation. It is designed for both expert trainers and novices. More specifically, the manual goals are to:
1. Provide ideas and resources for effective peacebuilding trainers;
2. Provide interactive materials that cover the basic conceptual dimensions of
3. Provide training modules that identify and enhance skills needed for peacebuilding and reconciliation work;
4. Provide trainers with flexible options that allow them to tailor training to fit
participants’ needs and their local context.

This training manual is designed to assist trainers doing training at two levels. The first is training local Caritas and other NGO workers in peacebuilding concepts, and the second is training the trainers

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